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steam greenlight when?


It's difficult to ever feel completely satisfied with a play session of Slime Killer. There's always one more pressing quest, one more unexplored tract of land, one more skill to increase, one more butterfly to catch. It's a mesmerizing game that draws you into an finely crafted fictional space packed with content that consistently surprises. The changes made since Slimeblivion are many, and result in a more focused and sensible style of play, where the effects of every decision are easily seen. Featuring the same kind of thrilling freedom of choice The Elder Slimes series is known for along with beautiful visuals and a stirring soundtrack, playing Slime Killer is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced.


Thanks for the review, UncleKev!
Players like you, and supporters of The Elder Slimes series, are what make our games special and great.
We toil away to produce games that people WANT to play.

Stay Slimy,

Wheelsmif, Founder, Wheelsmif